Ultimum contains three ranges of products:

-          Ultimum Oxygen: it is the range without sugar added. It only contains pulp of fruits and it is available 4 flavours: apricot, date, fig and plum. The Ultimum Oxygen gourds contain between 70 and 90 calories for 70gr. You would find the real taste of fruit! Less energetic than the other ranges, this product is interesting to avoid saturation with sugar and for all your short physical activities.

-          Ultimum Sport:  it is the energetic version of Ultimum. Enriched with vitamin B1 and cane sugar, the Ultimum Sport gourds contain between 170 and 200 calories for 70gr. This pulp will permit you to avoid hypoglycaemia and to respond quickly with quick-release sugar. This range is available in 9 flavours: apricot, pineapple, banana, date, fig, kiwi, mango, peach and plum.

-          Ultimum Sport Mix: is a new version of Ultimum Sport. We added another taste with the main fruit. For three of them, we added super fruit which contain antioxidant: cranberry, goji and blackcurrant. For the last one, we added caramel to plum to make a tasty way of Ultimum. The Ultimum Sport Mix range is available in flavours: banana/blackcurrant, date/goji berry, plum/cranberry and plum/caramel