Ultimum is a brand of Les Fleurons company. Les Fleurons is a plums producers group created in 1997. We are based in the Lot-et-Garonne, near Villeneuve-sur-Lot, in the south-west of France. The 30 productors composing Les Fleurons congregated to produce plums with a particularly kind of drying. Building on this expertise, we have developed our dried fruits range with other fruits: apricots, figs, dates, mangoes, peaches, pears.


In 2009, Les Fleurons created Ultimum. Ultimum is the first brand to produce dried fruits pulps for sport. At the start, Ultimum is declined in 6 references: apricot, bananas, dates, figs, kiwis, plums. Today, there are seventeen references divided into two ranges: Ultimum Sport and Ultimum Oxygen.


Our idea of creating dried fruits pulps is answering to four requirements:

1) Convenience: Our gourds have re-sealable screw. With this screw, it’s possible to eat the pulp in several times. When the gourd is empty, you can put the packaging in your pocket without dirtying your clothes.

2) Performance: Ultimum gourds are sport nutrition products. They contain 60% of carbohydrate and vitamin B1 to improve assimilation of sugars. You could take Ultimum gourds before, during and after physical activity but the principal effect is during exercise.

3) Digestibility: Ultimum gourds only contains necessary ingredients:
-          pulp of fruits, sugar and vitamin B1 for Ultimum Sport
-          and just pulp of fruits for Ultimum Oxygen.
Nothing else !

 4)  Variety: With seventeen different tastes, the Ultimum pulps give you energy by varying flavours.